Stinky tupperware

Years ago, my husband and I were sitting with my mother-in-law at her kitchen table as my father-in-law was getting ready for his night shift. He was looking for a container to put some of his lunch into. He first opened the dishwasher, which had never been used as a dishwasher, but only for Tupperware storage. (Yes, I know……..The microwave was the breadbox, and the oven was for storage of larger pots and pans, but we won’t go there.) He began smelling every container.

“%#*@ it! All of these Topperware containers stink!” he exclaimed. Yes, he did say “Topperware”. It’s one of those expressions I had to get used to after marrying into a Latin family, like “close the light” for “turn off the light” and “let’s get down” for “let’s get out of the car”.

He proceeded to smell every single container in the whole kitchen, until the counter was deep in plastic. Each one was worse than the last. Meals that had been stored in them from years past were recalled. His remarks escalated in volume and disgust at each sniff. We sat and watched in silent amazement.

Eventually it was more than we could take and we burst out laughing until tears were streaming down our faces. Finally seeing the comedy in the situation, he chose the least objectionable container and stopped ranting.

Fast forward many years. I finally found the way to eliminate stinky containers: I throw them away. How easy is that? It has revolutionized my life. I now use only glass storage…..and I don’t keep them in the dishwasher.


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