How to alienate your friends

A few days ago we sat down to supper, when a friend of my youngest son (6) happened to be over. He didn’t want to eat, but I told him to pull up a chair and join us. Just to make conversation, I said, “So, what’s your favorite food?”


My daughter started convulsing in her chair, and I could see my son’s brain processing and beginning to mentally form the word’s, “You know, you’re going to die.”

 He said, “You know -”

“Ross!” I screamed, shook my head violently, and turned to smile at the boy.

I am sure even at his young age he could tell we were wierd.

If you read my last blog about MSG, you would understand that ramen has it, and it really isn’t good for you. That it will kill you is not scientifically proven, but that is my son for you. He takes things to extremes and has a tendency to be OCD about issues like that.

My kids are kind of getting used to new items being thrown out or new, strange foods and products coming in. I start by explaining to them the research I have read. My oldest son claims we are now “Amish”, my husband gives a resigned sigh, but my youngest would enthusiastically put on a “repent or die” sign about natural foods if I let him. 

So, I guess I need to teach them the adage, “People don’t care how much you know. They want to know how much you care.” How do you tell others about this world of chemicals and dangers at every turn? Gently, and with love. The world has a lot wrong with it, and we have much to learn. Maybe I’ll tell his mom about this blog…………


6 thoughts on “How to alienate your friends

  1. LOL!! I can just picture R. saying that. You should have seen the face he gave me when he found out that we still eat peanut butter!

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