The nine-nipple dog

The kids and I were in the kitchen, working on home school assignments, supposedly engrossed in study:

“Mom, why is Cricket so wierd?” says my oldest.

“What do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with her,” I respond, glancing over at the small Boston Terrier.

“Just look at her stomach.”

I go to the dog and roll her over onto her back. OK, something is not right here, I think.

“One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, FIVE!

“She’s got NINE nipples!” I exclaim.

“I’ve known that like, forever,” says my daughter.

“Nobody told ME,” I say. “Hey, bring Bunny over here,” I order, pointing to the other dog.

“One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.” Nothing wrong here.

“Wow, now Cricket can have an extra puppy!” exclaims my youngest.

“Let me count them again,” I say, hoping for a different outcome.

They were counted a few more times with the astonishing result of the same number nine every time. Oh well…… Now I have to count nipples the next time we buy a dog.


4 thoughts on “The nine-nipple dog

  1. this is toooooo funny!!! this makes me laugh so hard i have tears in my eyes!!!
    i will always think of the rodriguez family when i hear the word “nipple”!
    can’t wait to share this with teddy….

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