About Barefoot Farm Girl

Welcome to my blog!

As I go through life, I am reminded of so much from when I was a little girl. I had kind of a unique childhood in that at first we were military and traveled to Thialand, then Ohio, then finally moved to 15 acres that had a Deliverance-movie-type house.

I just threw out the old stuff I had written for this page. This blog has evolved dramatically from what it started from. At first I thought I would write down and share all I was learning about holistic health. I was a new convert to healthy living and was zealous about preaching sermons against bad chemicals and for organic foods. I was afraid I would forget what I was learning if I didn’t write it down. I am a homeschooling mom of three and an artist (http://gwendolynrodriguez.com/). I am NOT a doctor and have absolutely no medical training, though I would have liked to have played one on TV. I am self-educating myself on the chemical world around us and what that is doing to our minds and bodies. At no other time in history have so many chemicals been in the air, water, personal care items, household items, and foods that we here in the US consume. The jury is still out on what the effect will be – in fact the jury hasn’t even been selected.

As I started writing I realized there were so many things about my childhood and adult life that I might forget if I didn’t write them down too. That changed everything about this blog. It became a memoir of sorts. Then loved ones got sick and passed away, or worse, stayed in a terrible state of suspended animation of sorts of mental and physical decline. Other events made me want to escape from this world. I stopped blogging for over a year. Then, I felt again that urge to write. Increasingly my blogs have waxed theological or philosophical. Maybe that can also help you in some way. Anyhoo, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “About Barefoot Farm Girl

  1. I try to hang on to the past with one arm while keeping a good grip on the future with the other. I don’t want us to lose the old tried and true ways, but when you think about it, lye soap was pretty caustic stuff. The human body is pretty resilient. I’m not too afraid of chemicals in small quantities. It’s the gene and DNA tweeking by scientists that scares me most.

    • Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate your comments! I have been making lye soap for over a year now. Lye is certainly dangerous stuff to work with. The beautiful thing is though, that if it is done properly, no lye remains in the finished product. It (the base of lye) reacts with the acid of the fat and creates a salt that we call soap. All soap that is labeled as soap in the store is made this way. Because the word lye freaks some people out, I do what a lot do and in my ingredients I say that mine is made from “saponified” oils without actually listing lye. Saponification is the name for the chemical process and is where we get the word soap. Soap done right is extremely gentle on the skin and you could even eat it without any harm done. (I had a customer accidentally eat it, but that is a different story!)

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