Free For the First Time


The fog and rain of the day before had lifted and the sun shone through a few clouds as I headed back home from my visits with friends and family in Atlanta. I was in high spirits while constantly surfing the radio for entertaining music or programs. I even stopped a minute at a Spanish language station to see if I could make out any words. Gee, my Spanish is soooo bad now!

Thirty years ago, I left a fundamentalist /end times cult. I had gone through several life events since then: Rebellion, atheism, the suicide of my brother, parents’ divorce, and my own marriage and children.Thankfully, after the first ten years I had found grace and salvation through Jesus.

I didn’t realize that I was still affected by my cult upbringing and still in bondage until a lovely couple at my church was sharing during Sunday School about Messianic Jewish traditions they had observed in their recent stay in the Holy Land. I was looking forward to hearing all about it. I love history and different cultures.

They started talking about holy days on the Jewish calendar and how Christ was incorporated into the celebrations in Messianic churches today. Then came trigger words used when I was growing up. They were Biblical terms that had been used in vastly different ways in my childhood. Suddenly, I was a little girl again. We had strict observances of Old Testament holy days, although devoid of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, and filled with oppressive laws from a hard, harsh God. I was overcome by the old familiar feelings of despair, anxiety, and alienation. The heavy chains of cultist theology constricted me and I couldn’t  breathe. I thought I was going to explode. I raised my shaking hand and half screamed while choking out the words,”You all just don’t understand what this can do to you without Jesus!” I can’t remember what else I said, but I was embraced with gentleness and love and a whole room full of people stopped and prayed for me. I gradually stopped crying the big, ugly cry.

After that, more triggers from certain events in my life appeared, which were always followed by panic and debilitating anxiety with tears. Months went by. Then a year.

A dear friend loaned me Young Living’s Freedom Kit of essential oils three weeks before this Atlanta trip. I had unbelievably crazy dreams from the first night using them. I don’t usually dream, so this was surprising. They always had something to do with my childhood, yet I felt gradually more like an observer and not entangled in the dream. During the day, I began to have the sensation that I was an old, weathered building with paint flaking off. It felt like bad things falling off of me, but not hurting as they fell. I had one nightmare that I was falling asleep on the couch of my childhood home and a demon reached for me, but didn’t get me.

On this Sunday, driving home from Atlanta, I felt really happy. I started the ascent of Mt. Eagle outside of Chattanooga. Still flipping through the stations, I stopped at a familiar song by Nickelback called “Photograph,” which I had heard a hundred times. I started singing along. All of a sudden, something felt odd. I started to hear MY story in the song. What I heard over and over wasn’t exactly what the actual lyrics were. I heard and saw in my mind, my old house, and me walking out the front and out the back. Then looking for a photo of a “prison” I’d been searching for: “It’s time to say it, I have to say it, good-bye, good-bye.”

From somewhere deep, deep inside me, I knew I could say good-bye to everything – to the prison I only thought I had left, yet had carried around with me for over 30 years. I couldn’t stop crying. I cried up the mountain and down the other side. I cried until I couldn’t cry any more, and then I DID cry some more. I had the sensation of release from every cell in my body.

I was free. It is a remarkable thing to be free for the first time in your life.

Thank you, Jesus, for Young Living and these amazing oils!


Essential oils and my very big cyst

I had a really freaky looking ganglion cyst on my left wrist for several years. If you are unfamiliar with what one looks like, if I were to turn my hand palm-side-up and slightly bend at the wrist, this thing almost resembling a finger would pop up about half an inch. Kind of like my own personal side-show pop-up book.

You can continue reading if you are not completely grossed out.

I tried all the conventional treatments from a giant needle being stuck into it, to wrist supports. And it hurt like heck. Well, I did NOT try one recommended treatment: Hold the wrist out on a table and have someone SLAM the cyst with a leather-bound Bible. Yes, a doctor suggested this. I was too chicken for that one.

Then I learned about essential oils.

So what exactly are essential oils? They are the vitality of a plant – what blood is to humans. They really aren’t oils at all. Cooking oils that we are familiar with are made up of large molecules, but essential oils have infinitesimal-sized molecules that can slip easily through cell walls. They are also electrically charged, as we are, and can restore the correct level of megahertz that our bodies need for optimal health.You can apply them directly to the skin – called “neat” – or by inhalation, or ingestion. I have only used Young Living Oils, because I trust their purity and potency.

Back to the monster cyst. I did my research and knew that each person is different, many oils do the same thing, and I just needed to listen to my own body to know if they were working for me. First day – nothing. Second day – nothing. Third day – nothing. Fourth day – hmm…..what’s that tingling sensation? I look down and the cyst is visibly shrinking in front of my eyes. I start squealing and running around the house showing everyone.

After a week it was gone and has never come back. It didn’t take long to find something else to work on…….

Con-artist Pharmaceuticals

Heart disease and cancer claim more American lives than any other diseases. But do you know the third leading cause of death? Prescription drugs. Yes, some are improperly administered, but at least 100,000 deaths a year are due to properly administered medications, given with the very best of intentions, by caring doctors trying to relieve mild to severe illnesses.

I don’t want to bash doctors at all, rather I think we need to evaluate our mindset that there is a pill that is going to “cure” everything. Many go to a physician and demand this or that, and when that doesn’t work, it’s back to the big list of pharmaceuticals. Or the side-effects are so bad that we demand a pill for them too.

Since doctors are actually human beings and medicine is really an art, mistakes can happen. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in 2000 estimated 250,000 deaths per year to mistakes and prescription drugs. That number is the equivalent of one jumbo jet crashing every day. And that was ten years ago.

I truly feel the problem lies with pharmaceuticals and the pill mentality. How do prescription drugs work anyway? I try to visualize difficult concepts, and for this I’ve imagined con artists.

Man-made medicine works primarily by deceiving the body or more accurately, the cell, because it’s all really about the cell anyway. Cells receive information on receptor sites. Drugs either block the sites or give them false information to trick them into doing something other than what they normally want to do. The more drugs, the bigger the web of lies, and eventually somebody’s going to get hurt.

Here’s the problem: Cells are doing something for a reason. If there is a symptom you are suffering from, there is a root cause. The symptom is the messenger of the problem. “Shooting the messenger” is exactly what pharmaceuticals do. You may think your problem is gone, but it isn’t: It is bound and gagged and frantically searching for a way to let you know that there’s a fire. Your symptoms are back? Worse than before? More medicine may bury the messenger, but watch out – one day he’ll free himself and you’ll be in big trouble, because the problem never went away at all.

One quick aside:  Sometimes a lie is necessary in a small number of cases to save a life – short-term. I am talking primarily here about the chronic use of medicine to cover up symptoms that really need to be dealt with. Healing means not covering the symptoms but dealing with the root cause. There are paths to healing that encompass body, soul, and mind.

Get recharged

Did you know that all organic things are electrically charged? That includes you! With very sensitive equipment your megaherz (MHz) frequency can be measured. In a study by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Washington state, it was found that a healthy person has a frequency between 62-68 MHz. If it falls below 58 MHz, cold symptoms can appear – candida at 55 MHz, Epstein Barr at 52 MHz, cancer at 42 MHz. If it is 25 or below, you are dying, as it eventually falls to zero.

Everything you come in contact with can affect your megaherz. Coffee drops  it by 14 MHz and even holding the cup drops it by 8 MHz. Processed or canned foods have a MHz of zero. (They are essentially “dead”.) In contrast, all fresh produce is at least 5 MHz, herbs up to 27 MHz if fresh.

Astoundingly, pure therapeutic grade essential oils like the ones I use from Young Living (disclaimer: I am a distributor, because I love them!) can have MHz levels of as much as 320! I put several  into my soaps, including lavender (118 MHz) and  peppermint (78 MHz). That must be why peppermint is so energizing. How much do you have to use to get this benefit? Only one drop – wow!