Grieving for Sugar


I was blind-sided by a phone call this week. Blood test results came back from my yearly blah-blah well woman check-up. Cholesterol, fine. Pap, normal. Yeah, I knew that. Who’s always telling everyone to eat their vegetables? Who’s a broken record on what is healthy? Who has an essential oil for everything?

But who secretly buys bags of candy? Who “fixes” the edges of brownies and cakes, because they weren’t “cut” right? Who can’t resist hot, buttered bread?

Who has diabetes now?

Me. The loud-mouth holistic health advocate.

I’m not overweight – I’m a size 6, but now I look back and see that there are reasons why I was not feeling well, couldn’t concentrate, lacked energy, had foggy thinking, wondered if I actually had a bladder the size of a squirrel’s.

So, I nearly starved this past Friday and Saturday. What the hell can I eat? Apparently nothing in my pantry. I think I’ll be serving crow to myself tonight. Now I have to rethink everything and start all over again. I dug the stevia out from where it had been pushed way back in the cupboard. (Years ago?) THAT will take time to get used to in my coffee.

Anyhoo…. I’m going to start scouring the internet for ways to feel like I can still enjoy eating. I was just betrayed by one of my best friends. Who knew sugar would stab me in the back? I paid so much attention to it. This is how it repays me.

Now, I’m asking for help from you. Tips? Recipes? Web sites? I’ve got to put on my big girl pants and face this. I’ll get rechecked in 4 weeks. Can I change my life? Maybe with newfound energy and focus, I can do it.

By the way, this is a milestone for me: Blog post #100. As always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Grieving for Sugar

  1. OK. Well since your blog asked for tips, let me tell you how Bill got his numbers back down into the normal range about a month after his Type 2 diagnosis (back in late January). He ate exactly what he always does, just less of it. And his diet is deplorable: meat, dairy, and starches. Aside from potatoes, which don’t count, the only vegetable he eats is the lettuce on his Taco Bell and Big Macs. He bought himself some Peeps at Easter. I’m telling you this in the hopes of easing any devastation you might feel about the diagnosis, and perhaps reassure you that it won’t be so bad.

    The first thing his doc told him to do was pay attention to the carb counts on food labels. We were surprised at how many carbs lurk in the oddest places. He likes to cook up big batches of taco meat and freeze it for easy meals. The number of carbs in one little envelope of taco seasoning is insane! And “healthier” whole-grain cereals actually have a lot more carbs than the sugary crap (Capn Crunch, Fruity Pebbles) that Bill prefers. The dietician told him to subtract the fiber grams from the carb grams for a more accurate count, but even after that the whole grains still pack more.

  2. Nixing sugar eventually causes the cravings to disappear! I have experienced for myself that my body can actually crave healthy “sugars” if given the chance. Bell pepper, carrots, and apples taste really sweet and satisfying when I am consistent to keep the sugars and high-glycemic index starches out. Look into Paleo eating for some great ideas. I love my Everyday Paleo Cookbook, too. My blood sugar (which was never high) used to be extremely reactive, but eating this way keeps my energy levels and blood sugar levels steady, and decreases cravings. It was nice to see your sweet face today, friend.

  3. I “liked” your post, because I like to show support for your blog, but I “dislike” your diagnosis 😦 but you can whip this!

  4. Completely agree with Victoria. And the book I recommend is “It Starts With Food” by the Hartwigs. It can show you how to reprogram the brain with the right foods so that it no longer tells you you “need” sugar and carbs. UGH. I’m SO SORRY!

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