Leaky Pots


Hi, my name is Gwendolyn, and I leak. No, I’m not talking about when I sneeze – that’s another blog. I’m talking about when I breathe. And guess what? You are leaky too.

It’s an often used analogy that emotionally, spiritually, or physically wounded people are “broken”. It’s so often used, because it accurately describes the way the heart feels after trauma and loss.

I clearly remember an acquaintance from many years ago. Our children were involved in school activities together. I thought to myself what a lovely person she was. I heard through the news and others months afterward that her husband, a soldier, had been killed. Some time later I ran into her at another event. I was startled by her appearance: There was a complete transformation. Grief had repainted her portrait. She was broken.

I’ve gotten to know her better since then and have noticed something very remarkable: She leaks. When you are near her, it spills over onto you. Through the gaping cracks flow grace and love.

We leak that with which we are filled. The hitch is that leaky people can’t stay filled. Because nature abhors a vacuum, we will be filled with something. What are your contents? You could choose one of these labels:

“Caution flammable” – Do you blow up when a spark of irritation gets too close?

“Contents under pressure” – Have you taken on too much?

“Not for human consumption” -Has bitterness made you poisonous to yourself and others?

Those who are initially filled with grief will at first leak sorrow, but after a time what leaks out will reflect the character of that person and becomes a choice. I want to be like my friend, who I now consider one of the most beautiful people I know. I want my brokenness to be a vehicle of grace. I want to spill out love. I want to be filled every day with forgiveness and leave a leaky trail behind me.


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