It’s never too late….

…to put something special in your child’s baby album…

As I looked through my first-born’s album one day, I felt a pang of regret that I had never gotten an impression of his little newborn feet. I don’t know how I missed getting that from the hospital, but the album had a page set aside for it, and it was blank.

“Ryan, come here honey!”, I called to my five-year-old. Paint is easy to find in an artist’s house, so I soon had his size 10 feet coated. Hmm….could I fit both of them on the page?

Well, barely. I stood back and looked at the ridiculously large footprints on the “Just Home from the Hospital!” page. A slacker I had indeed been in waiting so long, but somehow I felt that maybe it was still ok.

Now he’s fifteen with size 10 man-feet. Those little boy prints look precious to me. I am so glad I went on ahead and did it even though it seemed too late. It is never too late to make memories! Let me see……….if I get one of those legal size pieces of paper and some paint……..”Ryan, come here honey!”


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