Essential oils and my very big cyst

I had a really freaky looking ganglion cyst on my left wrist for several years. If you are unfamiliar with what one looks like, if I were to turn my hand palm-side-up and slightly bend at the wrist, this thing almost resembling a finger would pop up about half an inch. Kind of like my own personal side-show pop-up book.

You can continue reading if you are not completely grossed out.

I tried all the conventional treatments from a giant needle being stuck into it, to wrist supports. And it hurt like heck. Well, I did NOT try one recommended treatment: Hold the wrist out on a table and have someone SLAM the cyst with a leather-bound Bible. Yes, a doctor suggested this. I was too chicken for that one.

Then I learned about essential oils.

So what exactly are essential oils? They are the vitality of a plant – what blood is to humans. They really aren’t oils at all. Cooking oils that we are familiar with are made up of large molecules, but essential oils have infinitesimal-sized molecules that can slip easily through cell walls. They are also electrically charged, as we are, and can restore the correct level of megahertz that our bodies need for optimal health.You can apply them directly to the skin – called “neat” – or by inhalation, or ingestion. I have only used Young Living Oils, because I trust their purity and potency.

Back to the monster cyst. I did my research and knew that each person is different, many oils do the same thing, and I just needed to listen to my own body to know if they were working for me. First day – nothing. Second day – nothing. Third day – nothing. Fourth day – hmm…..what’s that tingling sensation? I look down and the cyst is visibly shrinking in front of my eyes. I start squealing and running around the house showing everyone.

After a week it was gone and has never come back. It didn’t take long to find something else to work on…….


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