Breaking out of my comfort zone

It is quite fitting that my last post was about the joys of slacking. I really had good intentions about writing more on the subject, but I…. uh…. was too busy being a slacker. I heard there’s some road that is paved with good intentions – nah, couldn’t apply to me.

There is a kind of clarity of the mind that comes from separation from the routine events of daily life. Maybe that is why summer is so great: It just feels like a time to do the out-of-the-ordinary. And I did just that last Saturday.

I performed a bellydance number with several classmates on stage at a family fun fair at Ft. Campbell, KY. Several weeks earlier I had shown up for the first of eight lessons at the gym on post. 25 women of all shapes, sizes, and ages signed up for the beginners class. It was great fun and super exercise.

I stayed in the back for the first few classes. Previous experience with anything that requires coordination has taught me that the back row is where I belong. Usually the back row finishes workout sessions with injuries. I have actually hit myself with my own arm in Zumba class.

But a beautiful thing happened. Maybe it is the fact that much of bellydance involves moves that feel deeply womanly and intrinsically feminine. Perhaps it is because many movements are only one general body zone at a time, but I got it somehow and it felt right.

I bravely moved forward a row. Then we were told there was an opportunity for the class to perform at a family function to let the community know the kind of classes the gym was offering. Who would be interested in performing? I did not raise my hand.

But I got braver as the weeks passed and finally said yes, I would do it!

And I am so glad I did.


4 thoughts on “Breaking out of my comfort zone

  1. Oh, my word! I would be SOOO like you w/ Zumba. Not sure about whether my capacity for bellydancing would be any better though. Lol! Whenever I get married, I guess I’ll have to ask my husband if he’d like that skill ;-).

  2. Hello Gwen!
    What a great article. I am exhausted just reading about what all you do. Could you send me whatever it is you are taking and/or eating. I want some of your energy.

    As I am writing to you, I look on the wall in my office and see two of the covers you designed for our Ft. Campbell Schools inservice booklet. I had them both framed and they hang in my “home office” among my other fond memories from my 32 years at FCS.

    You continue to be “one of a kind”! I have to get some of the soap. I currently use (dont laugh) lye soap. I love the lye soap, one can clean all the make-up off and take out any stain from anything.

    By-the-way would you consider schooling my number 2 grandson. He begins 8th grade, he disenrolled himself from the accelerated classes and spends most of his time trying to talk to whomever or whatever he sees. He is a “Yes mam, Im sorry,etc. but he never ever stops talking (even in his sleep)!

    Great story! SUPERWOMAN

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