How to lower your standards and still feel good about yourself

My great-grandmother Lovey used to say in her slow Southern drawl, “More sins are committed in the kitchen than in any other room of the house.” Nobody asked for clarification. Anyway, I feel that in lowering your standards, there is no better place to start than the kitchen. Now, don’t get me wrong, the health department isn’t going to shut me down, however, there are a couple of places I would rather an inspector not look.

The oven.

No, it is not wood-burning. I am just showing the evidence of the great love I have for my kids and husband in that I cook from scratch. The overflow of berry pies and drippy baked sweet potatoes in a thick layer on the bottom of the oven are proof. See, I need constant reminding that I am doing the right thing by cooking healthy. I feel better already.

Another area where you can significantly improve your quality of life by lowering your standards is dubiously called “personal hygiene” by some. I prefer to call it “lack of bodily obsession”. Obsessions are bad, right? Maybe your legs just need a break from shaving. Imagine being accosted by a sharp razor every single day. It may actually border on cruelty. Don’t legs have rights too?

What about your kids? Will they actually rot if left unbathed? Well, teenagers might, but let the little ones get a good layer so they can build up their immunity. I am backed up by science on this one – we have created more allergies and super-bacteria with excessive cleanliness.

I hope everyone feels better about themselves now. I know I sure do. In upcoming blogs we’ll explore other areas where a lack of effort brings great rewards.


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