A Pillsbury Emergency

Some friends breeze into our lives and leave us too soon for various reasons. One such friend of mine was Kelly – unusual, never predictable, and able to make me see the world with fresh eyes.

Several occasions come to mind when I think about Kelly. We were pregnant together, which is always fun, and delivered a few days apart.

We had our new babies on the carpet together. I was smiling at my little girl, holding out a toy, and Kelly was changing Ethan. She had the diaper off, which as you know with boys is a dangerous time, but she was in no hurry.

“Yooooouuu’ve got a big penis! Yes, you do! Yooouuu’ve got a big penis!” she repeated enthusiastically to Ethan. I, meanwhile, am totally choking and trying not to look fazed.

At another time, I was over at her house for a ladies group lunch that she was hosting. It was about five minutes after the time it was to have started, when Kelly picked up the phone and dialed. I heard someone say, “Hello?”

“Hi! This is Kelly! Are you coming to my party?” asked Kelly, speaking to a no-show guest.

I heard a slight strangling sound and then a muffled answer. No, she wouldn’t be coming. Boy, that was uncomfortable, I thought.

The memory I treasure the most was when she recounted for me a scary event one morning. She was going about her business, just trying to make breakfast thank you when she attempted for the first time in her life to open a can of Pillsbury biscuits.

She took a sharp knife, went for the seam to make a cut, but only managed a puncture. Snap! Instead of the can popping open, it started to ooze prolifically.

Now, what would YOU do in a situation like this? Kelly did what any clear-thinking adult would do when faced with a crisis – she called the Pillsbury 1-800 number printed on the side of the can.

The helpful people at Pillsbury, apparently waiting for the call, walked her through this emergency. I am NOT making this up. Aren’t you glad they were there to help? Kelly was, as she happily told me that breakfast was saved.

Kelly, wherever you are, I wish you all the best and emergency-free breakfasts.


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