Con-artist Pharmaceuticals

Heart disease and cancer claim more American lives than any other diseases. But do you know the third leading cause of death? Prescription drugs. Yes, some are improperly administered, but at least 100,000 deaths a year are due to properly administered medications, given with the very best of intentions, by caring doctors trying to relieve mild to severe illnesses.

I don’t want to bash doctors at all, rather I think we need to evaluate our mindset that there is a pill that is going to “cure” everything. Many go to a physician and demand this or that, and when that doesn’t work, it’s back to the big list of pharmaceuticals. Or the side-effects are so bad that we demand a pill for them too.

Since doctors are actually human beings and medicine is really an art, mistakes can happen. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in 2000 estimated 250,000 deaths per year to mistakes and prescription drugs. That number is the equivalent of one jumbo jet crashing every day. And that was ten years ago.

I truly feel the problem lies with pharmaceuticals and the pill mentality. How do prescription drugs work anyway? I try to visualize difficult concepts, and for this I’ve imagined con artists.

Man-made medicine works primarily by deceiving the body or more accurately, the cell, because it’s all really about the cell anyway. Cells receive information on receptor sites. Drugs either block the sites or give them false information to trick them into doing something other than what they normally want to do. The more drugs, the bigger the web of lies, and eventually somebody’s going to get hurt.

Here’s the problem: Cells are doing something for a reason. If there is a symptom you are suffering from, there is a root cause. The symptom is the messenger of the problem. “Shooting the messenger” is exactly what pharmaceuticals do. You may think your problem is gone, but it isn’t: It is bound and gagged and frantically searching for a way to let you know that there’s a fire. Your symptoms are back? Worse than before? More medicine may bury the messenger, but watch out – one day he’ll free himself and you’ll be in big trouble, because the problem never went away at all.

One quick aside:  Sometimes a lie is necessary in a small number of cases to save a life – short-term. I am talking primarily here about the chronic use of medicine to cover up symptoms that really need to be dealt with. Healing means not covering the symptoms but dealing with the root cause. There are paths to healing that encompass body, soul, and mind.


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