What do you have of value?

Driving up to the house, we had no idea that it had been broken into. Dad saw the broken glass from the back door in the kitchen and ordered us out to check and be sure it was safe to enter. Anxious moments passed. I looked at my little brother and sister and wondered what things of mine would be missing.

Dad came back to report: The thieves had taken – nothing.

That was one time as a child when I realized the poverty of our possessions. I had never heard of someone breaking in and taking nothing. Surely we must have something of value? Apparently not. Looking back, I’m surprised the robber didn’t try to clean up and write us a check for the door.

A few years later, my dad was working as the head of maintainance for a junior college when he received a phone call from one of his employees. She had been robbed. Normally one could still report to work after such an event, however, her son had stolen all her clothes. He had entered while she was away, and searching for anything of value to sell for drugs, had found nothing. All she owned were a few clothing items, so that was what he took.

With the accumulation of stuff, I am wondering more and more what are the things that I have that are truly of value. I’m finding it easier to get rid of possessions that I once prized. Besides, it’s less to dust and pick up.


One thought on “What do you have of value?

  1. Possessions are only valuable if you let them control you and in the end I would rather lose what’s in my house than the people I drive around with in my car. Funny story…Matt’s Nova was robbed when we were in high school. The only way we knew was suddenly there was room for my backpack in the back seat. We were never really sure what they got away with but I hope it was worth digging though all the randomness.

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