Sunlight prevents cancer

Sunlight prevents cancer.

Let that thought sink in a moment…. The greatest – no – the fundamental, supreme source of life on this earth is the single most important anti-cancer agent; but that isn’t what you have heard all your life, is it?

From birth we have slathered ourselves with sunscreen. Recently on radio and television, there is news that the contents of sunscreen are doing more harm than good, and may be causing what they tout to prevent. This is no newsflash to Europeans, who for years have had warning labels on sunscreens containing oxybenzone, a hormone disrupting chemical.

This chemical along with the other primary ingredients in hundreds of the most popular brands have never been safety tested by the FDA. Most significantly however, sunscreen blocks the body’s ability to produce vitamin D, your built-in skin cancer preventer. In an appalling symbiotic relationship, the sunscreen industry donates huge amounts of money to the cancer research industry, which promotes the use of sunscreen.

Think about it. Humans were made to live on this planet with exposure to its sun as a vital part of a healthy life. If the body consumes antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in the proper amount, cells can ward off any damage that comes their way. Think of it as “internal sunscreen.” But we eat junk, or at best food grown on soils depleted of nutrients, and then we hide from the life-giving sun as if it’s the bad guy.

There are safer sunscreens if your body isn’t sufficiently self-protected yet, but they can be pricey. In the book, Super Natural Home, I found a super easy, home-made sunscreen that really works. It is even waterproof! is made from vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, that works at the cellular level. I am really happy with its effectiveness. You can start enjoying the sun and be healthier too. I order my Thompsons Vitamin C Powder 5000 mg from

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