Two flags, unfurled, at half mast, on a windless day

The past few days have revealed to me in a painfully clear way my previous motivation behind wearing a bra.

After knocking the knees out from under the “moral” argument for wearing one – that you really can be modest without one – why the hesitation? Because, well………do you love that body that looks back at you in the mirror? What does that bra do for you? When you take it off, do you feel like you’ve got two flags, unfurled, at half mast, on a windless day? Or two old mismatched gym socks? Do you think you qualify for a National Geographic special?

It is hard to be who you are. That bra helped, didn’t it? It gave you “control”, “lift”, “symmetry”, “the illusion of more”, “confidence.” The last argument, that it will keep you from sagging, is also a myth. I looked that one up too.

If the last post didn’t contain enough compelling evidence, there’s more. In a Japanese study, researchers found that melatonin levels drop dramatically when a bra is worn. Melatonin does more than help with sleep, it is a powerful antioxidant, and prevents DNA damage.

Worst of all is the incredibly popular metal underwire bra. Did you know that they actually act as antennae, attracting electromagnetic current? In addition to this, Dr. George Goodheart, called “the father of Applied Kinesiology”, discovered that placing a small metal ball over an acupuncture point could stimulate that area long-term. There are important reflex points directly under the breasts that correspond to the liver, gallbladder, and stomach. Continued stimulation of these points over time causes eventual sedation of the points. It can make you sick.

Bottom line: Love what you’ve got and accept yourself. You don’t have to be what you are not. Have a long and healthy life. If you spread the word about this we can change the world and make a difference.


5 thoughts on “Two flags, unfurled, at half mast, on a windless day

  1. I see your point but as I’m eating my cereal in the morning I don’t want one boob in my milk and one in my coffee. I will wear my bra but I think I might go with out the under wire.

    • Point taken. :^) After writing the post, I couldn’t get a certain nursery school song out of my head, with a major word substitute:
      “Do your boobs hang low,
      do they travel to and fro,
      can you tie them in a knot,
      can you tie them in a bow?
      Can you throw them o’er your shoulder like a Continental soldier?
      Do your boobs hang low?”

  2. ha ha Sarah – as soon as I’m done nursing Jane Dare I will have a reason to be excited about my greatly reduced bust line. as always great info Gwendolyn!

  3. Ok I almost died laughing at this Gwen! I guess I’m outta luck with this since I’m a size F now with this pregnancy I’d have to lay mine on the table while eating…lol I think melatonin is great I have taken it and has help very much with sleep.

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