Pre-teen bladder

I thought it was just because I’d had three kids and getting a little older. I would have to resign myself to getting up and blindly feeling my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plunging into the water because of a left-up toilet seat was yet another of the unavoidable dangers.

I’ve always had tendencies for bladder infections too. Especially bad for me was travelling, when I could count on it happening.

A couple of months ago I felt a familiar symptom of an on-coming bladder infection – the urge to go frequently. Lucky for me, I had a bottle of cranberry tablets. This time I thought I would knock it out in one punch, and so I took two or three tablets at once, where I would normally have taken one maybe twice a day. 

The next morning I woke up and felt strangely refreshed. Wait a minute! I had slept a solid eight hours without getting up. Miracle of miracles! No, I hadn’t died and gone to heaven. I hadn’t slept through a night since, since…..BEFORE THE KIDS WERE BORN!

I racked my brain. What had I done different? The cranberry tablets! I had taken two, not one. I felt like I was on to something. I was going to try it again. No bladder infection symptoms, but I was going to take the tablets again and see if the results were the same, because, you know, freak things do happen.

In the past two months I have only had to get up twice to go. One of those times I just used it for the heck of it, because, well, I was awake and it seemed like a good idea.

So, I urge you (no pun intended) to give it a try if you too have not seen an unbroken night’s sleep in a long time. You just might need some cranberries and a little experimenting with your own personal dosage to again experience a pre-teen bladder.


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