There might be a better cure than this

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, something else bizarre comes along. We’ve all heard that asthma and allergies are worse and more common than ever in the US. Doctors speculate that the cause is that we are too clean – yes, too sanitary. Our immune systems don’t get taxed enough at an early age and then when exposed we get over-active in our immune response. Well someone has come to the rescue with a cure, but you might not like it. In fact, I guarantee you’ll agree it’s the worst cure EVER.


This person, who does not give his name (imagine that), despaired from having chronic asthma and had tried everything to cure it when he learned about hookworm infection being a cure. This is how it works: Hookworms suppress the host’s immune system therefore alleviating a variety of ailments from allergies to Chrones disease.

To make a long story short, he ends up in the country of Cameroon walking around in human waste. The worms bore into the soles of his feet. Surprise! He was immediately infected and became very sick for a few days before going home two weeks later.

He must reinfect himself every few months – I’ll spare you the details – to keep his intestines populated. Does he have asthma? He says no, so it’s worth it to him.

He does have to worry about a couple of things. He may have brought home more than just hookworms, but even if that is all, these parasites live by attaching themselves to the intestinal walls and feeding off blood. They take the blood’s nutrients as they dine and so cause malnutrition as well as anemia.

Remember pictures of African children with bloated bellies? Hookworms can cause that. Not to mention the fact that the average life span in Cameroon is 47. So let’s just all agree that we are going to pass on this “cure” and wait for a more attractive one.

Just google “hookworms and asthma” to read more about this story.


2 thoughts on “There might be a better cure than this

  1. I’ve heard you can minimize the development of conditions such as asthma by simply having a farm animal living in and out of your home. Which would you prefer? I think I’d take chickens coming in and out of my house before hookworms.

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