A rooster, a hen, and a cliff

I need to dust the antique salt and pepper shakers on top of my pie safe. One is a handsome rooster and the other a colorful hen.  When my mother gave them to me years ago, she told me their story.

A woman my mother knew gave them to her. She and her husband were having marital problems. One day the husband suggested they go take a drive and try to talk things out. She became hopeful.

He parked at a scenic overview. They sat there silently a few minutes when he said he wanted to get out and stretch his legs. She watched as he went around the car. 

She felt the car move.

Just in time to save her life, she opened the door, threw herself out, and watched as the car plunged down the cliff.

Needless to say, they didn’t work out their differences, but I ended up with salt and pepper shakers and a pretty good story.


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