MSG in my pantry AGAIN!

My recent msg discoveries began when I went to Walmart, searching for healthy prepackaged snacks for my mother-in-law. Like everyone else, she likes to grab a bag and munch when the craving hits. Unlike everyone else, she has very serious health problems, and so I tried to help out the last time I was over.

Surprise – I found it (msg) in Goldfish, Cheez-Its, and Cheese Puffs. That made me think of all the times I’ve seen toddlers eating Goldfish. Yikes! So be sure to check all the cheese flavored snacks you may have. (Also check the BBQ flavored ones, because I’ve seen it there too.)

What did I end up taking back to my mother-in-law? A box of organic trail mix bars. Sigh…

Later, at home, I found it in my Worcestershire sauce and the box of ORGANIC beef broth I just bought. It was under a couple aliases like hydrolyzed soy protein and autolyzed yeast extract.

A pattern is clearly emerging: The prepackaged snack is something to be wary of. I guess I need to go make some cookies – yep – from scratch, that is.


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