Make your own sunscreen – for real!

This recipe requires that you buy inexpensive powdered vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. I buy mine at

4 oz. distilled water

1 level tsp ascorbic acid powder

Mix together in a 4 oz spray bottle. Spray on skin before and after sunning. Apply under any other lotions or make-up.

Make a new batch every 5-7 days because vita-C is steadily destroyed when mixed with anything.

This is truly food for the skin. The vita-C actually incorporates itself into the cells of the skin, preventing UV damage and causing NO harmful side effects whatsoever. It can also reverse damage that has already been sustained. For just a minute after applying there is a very, very slight stinging or tingling sensation.

Some safe alternatives to this homemade sunscreen can be found at  Aveeno Baby, California Baby Burts’ Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen, are few that are good. Check out the site for more. Some of these are quite pricey. Let me know if you find some less expensive ones.

In a study in 1970, a scientist found that 35% of the chemicals in sunscreen pass through the skin and into the bloodstream. Oxybenzone, a penetration enhancer, may be the worst offending chemical. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have linked this to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage.


4 thoughts on “Make your own sunscreen – for real!

  1. This is SO good to know!!! Especially with my pale skinned girls! Have you tried it yet?

    I am really going to do this. It makes me nervous using all that sunscreen. Now we need a bug spray too!

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  3. Where do I get the ascorbic acid powder?
    It is obviously not waterproof, right?

    I’m thinking of buying one of the expensive non-oxybenzone sunscreens for the pool, and making this for other outdoor use. And of course allowing ample sunscreen-free light time. Thanks for doing the research for me!

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