Keeping baby safe

You may be shocked to read the following: Some of the things you are using to clean and care for your baby right now could seriously harm or kill him/her. Let me explain…..

Every mom wants to have the healthiest home for baby. We baby proof the house and put things that are dangerous out of the little one’s reach. It is fun to get out all the gifts and start using them. We want to take the best care possible of our precious children.

Here are some of the worst offenders sold as “safe for baby” and why:

  • Baby powder
  • Baby oil
  • Baby lotion/shampoo/wash
  • Baby wipes

Baby powder is made from talc. This powder has particles so fine that it is known as a “dry lubricant”. They not only clog the pores – presumably keeping baby “fresh” – but they manage to penetrate the skin and are highly suspected to cause cancer. It is chemically similar to asbestos. In a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women who used talcum powder on their private parts increased their ovarian cancer rate by 60%, those who used feminine powder sprays had a 90% increased rate.

Use corn starch instead. It really works! You can put some in an empty spice container, like what oregano comes in, so it can be shaken out.

Baby oil may be the most dangerous of all because it is actually directly linked to at least five infant deaths per year. One 18 month old took 28 days to die of asphyxiation in the hospital after inhaling the mineral oil which is the primary ingredient. In 1991, a 15 month old suffered irreversible brain damage from inhalation. Mineral oil is derived from crude oil and contains hydrocarbons which cause the lungs to stop working. All the baby has to do is put its mouth next to where baby oil has been rubbed on its skin to inhale it. It also can cause acne, premature skin aging , and vitamin deficiencies. This happens because anything you put on your skin goes into it and mineral oil eventually finds its way to the intestines where it absorbs all the fat-soluable vitamins. It is also found in some baby lotions and wipes. (I actually found it in Life Savers chewy fruit candy too- What were they THINKING?)

If you are using it because of baby’s dry skin, it may be caused by the baby oil itself or soap that contains sodium laurel sulfate. Babies should never have dry skin! Find out what is causing it. If your baby has eczema, he/she may not be getting enough good fat in their diet. Baby eczema has been linked in some (not all) cases to mothers who ate a low-fat diet while pregnant.

Baby lotion/shampoo/wash have two ingredients to be on the alert about: sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and propylene glycol. SLS damages proteins, especially those of the eye and the younger you are, the more susceptible you seem to be. It can even lead to blindness and builds up in the brain, heart, and liver. Why is SLS used? It makes nice bubbles. Period. Minor reactions are skin irritation and dryness. Propylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze and de-icer. It can cause skin rash, deafness, kidney and liver damage. It has also been suspected in damaging the central nervous system. Read every label of every product that goes into or onto your baby. Why is it used? It keeps things from drying out and is cheap.

Baby wipes must be checked to see if they contain propylene glycol or perfumes. There are literally thousands of carcinigens in perfumes. Don’t think that just because it is in the organic section of the grocery that it is free of this. 7th Generation, among others, is guilty of including dangerous ingredients in their products. I will be posting a recipe for homemade wipes very soon.

Baby’s health is so important. So go read those labels!


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