Fair trade and organic coffee

One of the pleasures in life is a good cup of coffee. I enjoy one cup every morning. When I learned about the dangers of artificial flavors, I switched brands. (Besides being artificial, most of these flavorings are suspended in propylene glycol, the primary ingredient in antifreeze and de-icer.)

Then I learned that the three most heavily sprayed crops in the world are coffee, cotton, and corn. You can’t smell, taste, or see the pesticides, but just imagine that someone takes your coffee and sprays the surface with “Off ” insect repellant before handing it to you to drink.

A few decades ago, farmers grew coffee under a canopy of larger trees. The trees above were home to many birds who ate the insects that came to munch on the coffee beans. Then large tracts were cleared and coffee groves planted without the previous canopy. To manage the insects, they were heavily sprayed.

Recently, something called “fair trade” was started. What it does is encourage farmers to grow coffee in the traditional way, without the heavy spraying. These farmers are paid a “fair” price to help offset the higher price it costs to do this.

I have to say that it has been difficult to find a brand that I really like. Unfortunately, I threw away the package of some really good coffee and can’t for the life of me remember the name. So, back to the drawing board. I will post the brands that I find that are the best, and please, when you find one, let me know too! This is a way to help those farmers who are really trying to make a difference.


One thought on “Fair trade and organic coffee

  1. I look forward to hearing what you fine! Richard and I love coffee but he keeps wanting to buy Starbucks, which is fine unless they spray too. Yuck.

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