Thoughts on toxins and aging

Funny how formaldehyde has the opposite effect on us that you would think. It makes things permanent press, yet the damage it does to our cells could contribute to wrinkles. It helps glue and lacquer finishes last, yet makes us sick, which may shorten our life. (Making us come unglued, so to speak.) It repels stains, yet makes us take in toxins. It’s the number one choice of preservative for a dead body, but does nothing to preserve our living one.

All this leads me to the question of what is a preservative for our youth? How can we age gracefully? There is a saying that people aren’t afraid of growing old, they just don’t want to grow ugly. Fortunately there is a cure for that. I call it aging “gratefully”.

The toxins you must purge for this are ingratitude and unforgiveness. They are far more deadly than anything you can be exposed to on the outside, because they come from the inside. They are far from easy to get rid of, and will sneak back in when you aren’t looking. No essential oil, vitamin, whole food, skin cream, or plant will help get rid of them. The mind and the heart are the key to real beauty, and even formaldehyde can’t take that away.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on toxins and aging

  1. Amen Gwen!

    My goal for this year (well, for life) is to have a perspective change…to be thankful in everything and for everything and to really acknowledge the blessings in my life.

    Good advice!

  2. Gwen, This is so true. God can’t bless a bitter heart, and nothing can disguise one either. It shows in everything we do.

    But the opposite is very much true. When we are at peace on the inside, the world has to take notice.

    You are truly beautiful. Love the blog. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

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