Life after Crisco

I didn’t think I could live without Crisco (hydrogenated vegetable shortening). My favorite cookies and cakes all called for it. It was just asking too much.

Was there any hope? Butter? Lard? Those didn’t sound like good solutions. Recipes that called for vegetable shortening usually already included butter.

Oil actually works – really – I’ve tried it in cookies and cake. Most recipes have dry ingredients added together and wet ingredients added together, then wet and dry are combined. The secret of making vegetable oil work seems to be to add it last to the wet ingredients before combining wet and dry. Just add the same amount in oil that is called for in shortening. If you really want to go all out and almost feel good about eating that cookie, try the extra light olive oil. It doesn’t affect the taste at all.

Yes, you really can live without Crisco.


3 thoughts on “Life after Crisco

  1. Have you tried coconut oil? It doesn’t get rancid when heated as crisco and various vegetable oils. It can be used in baking as well as frying. And when frying, it doesn’t leave food greasy!!!

    • Coconut oil is fantastic. I buy mine at in a large, 54 oz conainer, but even then it is $20. Years ago, in an attempt to encourage people to buy American products to help farmers, a campaign was launched to discourage the use of coconut oil. It was unfairly disparaged, because it really is a wonderful oil and healthy in moderation.

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