Get recharged

Did you know that all organic things are electrically charged? That includes you! With very sensitive equipment your megaherz (MHz) frequency can be measured. In a study by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Washington state, it was found that a healthy person has a frequency between 62-68 MHz. If it falls below 58 MHz, cold symptoms can appear – candida at 55 MHz, Epstein Barr at 52 MHz, cancer at 42 MHz. If it is 25 or below, you are dying, as it eventually falls to zero.

Everything you come in contact with can affect your megaherz. Coffee drops  it by 14 MHz and even holding the cup drops it by 8 MHz. Processed or canned foods have a MHz of zero. (They are essentially “dead”.) In contrast, all fresh produce is at least 5 MHz, herbs up to 27 MHz if fresh.

Astoundingly, pure therapeutic grade essential oils like the ones I use from Young Living (disclaimer: I am a distributor, because I love them!) can have MHz levels of as much as 320! I put several  into my soaps, including lavender (118 MHz) and  peppermint (78 MHz). That must be why peppermint is so energizing. How much do you have to use to get this benefit? Only one drop – wow!


One thought on “Get recharged

  1. HI GWEN!
    Yes, I am now yelling because I am so excited! I just read the Leaf-Chronicle article about you and that brought me to your blog and I am now totally, officially hooked. It makes me realize how much I have missed you and how funny and SMART you are! Those Wassom days seem long ago.

    I am loving each post — now I just have to make some soap for myself; my skin is horribly dry and old. Sun worshippers do eventually pay the price, I have found out. Well, my grandmother told me so. . .

    It is so good to “connect” with you again. Love to Rick and the children.

    Judy Donnelly (was I Judy Jobe then?)

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