Heirloom seeds

What has happened to the dozens of varieties of each kind of vegetable that have been around for thousands of years? Black tomatoes, purple potatoes.  There are now only about five major seed companies in the US which have a monopoly and dictate what you can grow. So where are all the other seed varieties? Some are lost forever, but a few dedicated people are determined that rare species will not die out and you can grow them too!

Agriculture has been hard at work “improving” seeds. The goal: produce a vegetable that is disease-resistant, transports well, and stays attractive the longest amount of time possible. Sorry if flavor has to be sacrificed at the altar of profit.

Last year I ordered my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. I have never tasted such delicious tomatoes or swiss chard. This year I am going to try potatoes. Even when peeled, ordinary, non-organic potatoes are literally infused with petrochemicals and every insecticide, pesticide, etc. known to man. If you can buy two vegetables organic, buy tomatoes and potatoes.

So, ok, you want to grow potatoes. You plant sets, which are pieces of potato. From the eye grows a new plant. Once planted, just mulch heavily with straw and forget them until fall. Then they must be dug up and stored. That is the tricky part: They must stay cool, dry, and out of direct light. You have to check through them occasionally to be sure there are none going bad.

Start small if you haven’t grown vegetables before. You will be greatly rewarded by even a couple plants.


3 thoughts on “Heirloom seeds

  1. YIPEE!!!
    Thank you so much my friend for taking the time to share with me & others the many ways we can be proactive in taking care of not only ourselves but the environment!!!
    Guess who saved some seeds from the heirloom tomatoes you brought her???
    I am now heading to the links you’ve provided for your readers!:)

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