A vitamin that is “dying” to help out

I was flipping through an old, but much-loved book of mine called, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, by Adelle Davis and came across a chapter devoted to vitamin C. It is pretty uncontroversial that this vitamin does help you get better when you are sick. I know I usually pick the throat lozenges that say “extra C”, but I never knew just how amazing it is. I think the fact that we think we know all about it has actually hurt its cause. It is kind of like, “Yes it’s good for you like chicken soup, fresh vegetables, blah, blah.”

I haven’t seen anybody lately staggering around with scurvy, but long ago you would die unless rescued by vitamin C-bearing fruit. But just because our teeth aren’t falling out, doesn’t mean we don’t need it.

There isn’t a rigid set amount needed daily, because it varies by individual and circumstances. Unfortunately it has been found that a single dose of any medicine – even an aspirin – can destroy vitamin C in your body for up to three weeks. Of course, the medicine could be life saving and necessary.

Your body normally treats any foreign substance as if it were a toxin and vitamin C is the soldier sent to help out. It literally “lays down its life” to help detoxify your body. Apparently, the toxic substance combines with the vitamin and the two pass through together out of the body. It helps equally regardless of whether the foreign invader is a virus, bacteria, or even chemical substances. In order to be effective, many times more of the vitamin has been given to patients during illness than required during healthy periods. Fortunately, it is extremely difficult (though maybe not impossible – you would have to check with an MD) to get too much, because what is not used by the body is quickly excreted in the urine.

I’ll post some of the miraculous studies done on vitamin C soon. In the meantime, it is one of the cheapest supplements you can buy, available anywhere. So, go pop a C and let the little guy fight for you against those big, bad toxins.


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