A place for grocery bags

I battled with an avalanche of plastic grocery store bags continuously falling out of the pantry until I saw an ingenious solution at my husband’s grandmother’s house. She had taken an empty gallon milk jug and cut a baseball-sized circle out of one side, leaving the handle. You can put dozens of bags in there! I use them to line my small trash cans in each bathroom. It is easy to reach under the sink for the jug to pull out a new bag. I also have one in my kitchen pantry. I’ve been using cloth bags at the grocery lately, but it seems like I forget to do that enough times that I keep my supply of plastic.


One thought on “A place for grocery bags

  1. AND….if you take them to food lion and other stores, they will have a recycling receptacle outside to collect them. Also those in Clarksville can recyle them during pick up with Recycle Clarksville.

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