Why did people stop making soap at home?

In 1900, your chances of getting cancer were one in 80 approximately. In 1950, it was 1 in 20. What changed? One significant factor was that during WWI, there was food rationing and a shortage of tallow and lard for soap making. Most people up to then made their own soap that was used for most all their cleaning needs. Also, at that time women were entering the workforce because of a labor shortage.
Companies came to the “rescue” with “soap”, really detergents, that were cheap. Most women were grateful for one less burden of soap making. Unfortunately, petrochemicals were used, because they were abundant and cheap. It was also discovered how to make things smell good cheaply with synthetic ingredients. But remember, you are covering your whole body with this stuff – every day – even babies whose skin is about 40% thinner and therefore more susceptible than adults.

There is so much to think about when trying to keep our families healthy. Eating right, exercising, etc. I have always tried to buy organic, whole foods as often as possible, it wasn’t until this past year that I found out about the effects of petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients on our bodies in the personal care items we used everyday. Eating healthy is great, but you could unknowingly be damaging yourself and your family at the cellular level with these and other products: DEA, sodium laurel sulphate, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances/colors and artificial ingredients.

You can research them yourself. I make no claims to know the research exhaustively, but there is real scientific  research available to those who seek to be informed. Be aware that the cosmetic and perfume industries are very powerful and influential. I have tried with my products to fill a need for those who want healthy families, but have tight budgets – like me! I make chemical-free soap and shampoo. Right now I just sell locally.


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